The game takes place in the Kingdom of Kalshir, a land still recovering from the recent war with a rival nation to the east. The war ended just over a month ago, when the opposing army of Celdamene disappeared, along with the entirety of their nation, overnight. No-one knows the cause of this disappearance, but rumours abound – magic, a trap to get Kalshir’s defences down, a deal with fiends gone awry, the work of the ancient fey, and so on.

Scouts, scholars and soldiers acting on behalf of King Aldamire II have set up camp in the towns and fortresses bordering the enemy nation, and it is in just such a town that the campaign is taking place. The small town of Dalmos, nestled among a number of smaller villages and hamlets, several forts, and a few larger, much more important towns, has seen its fair share of troubles during the war, and the citizens are only just beginning to rebuild, with the aid of the occasional off-duty band of soldiers. The first winter snows have begun to coat the countryside in a blanket of white, and, more importantly, have begun to make the roads more difficult to traverse – the last of the merchant caravans is returning home for the winter, to help rebuild and restart.

It’s at this time of the year that Dalmos always sees the largest number of outsiders entering the town, and this year is exceeding almost all previous ones. Soldiers, scouts, intrepid explorers, adventurers and hopeful colonists have all flocked to the town and nearby cities in the hopes of making their fortunes in the Dreamwind Plains to the East, despite the dangers and the frost. You are most likely among these outsiders, though how you came to Dalmos, and why you came, are entirely up to yourself.

Regardless of what you decide, it is on the eve of the great Frostfall Festival that the game begins – Dalmos’ celebration of homecoming, and a prayer that the coming winter months will not be too harsh. The last caravans are rolling into town, and the roads behind them are becoming nigh impossible to traverse.


Witty Title for a D&D Campaign