Primary Pantheon

Non-Evil Deities

Name Alignment Title(s) Portfolio
Antaril Unaligned The End, The Judge of the Dead Balance, Death, Time
Besseron Good The Watcher, The Queen of the Seven Skies Knowldege, Magic
Belvion Good The Lady In Purple, The Dancer Art, Love, Passion
Cuinnihk Unaligned King of Coin Diplomacy, Money, Trade
Elska Good The Flayed, Lifebringer Agriculture, Life, Mercy
Faliidighr Unaligned Queen of Thieves, She Who Walks In Shadows Mystery, Shadows, Theft
Heliont Lawful Good The Architect Civilization, Peace, Protection
Jarnsmid Unaligned Dawnhammer Crafting, Creation, Smithing
Lytorum Good The Lost, The Wanderer Discovery, Exploration, Travel
Terbius Good The Clockwork God Creation, Dreams, Invention
Uvalirune Lawful Good The Silver Knight Bravery, Strength, War
Vuld Unaligned Allfather, Allmother Balance, Life, Nature
Xanksiphs Unaligned God of Beasts, Lady of the Hunt Competition, Hunting, Strength

Evil Deities

Name Alignment Title(s) Portfolio
Aethus Evil Crimson Fury, The Scourge of the World Brutality, Rage, Slaughter
Basileus Evil The Red King, Tyrant God Ambition, Power, Tyranny
Ka’Kliro’Thius Chaotic Evil The Devourer, The Serpent Who Ends The World Decay, Destruction, Entropy
Kathras Evil Uncaring, The Void Death, Magic, Night
Malgiolm Evil The Queen of Knives, The Whispers in the Shadows Betrayal, Murder, Sin
Varail Chaotic Evil Lord of Shadows, The Walking Apocalypse, Lord of Demons Disease, Hate, Undeath

Primary Pantheon

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